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Default Re: WoW: Moments of Pwn

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
Don't forget, at level 44, hunters get the new Arcane Shot which dispels one magic effect. Adios Innervate!
Most hunters burn that up on my mark of wild. On this hunter I ran into last night, I never used innervate.

That isn't the only thing I can do though, I could also shift to bear and bash, back to cat and get some more damage in, and back to bear and just let the fear ride while I tank whatever he throws at me. but getting the heals in at that point is a good thing. HoT can never come too early in a PVP battle IMO, so thats why I usually drop them the first time I return to caster. And watch out for lifebloom at level 60, because dispelling that just does me a favor
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