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Default Re: Hard Drive Update

Toms HW says that the WD750 SE16 compets well with the Raptors series.

I see the drive slow down usually after half the drive is filled but an OS drive should always be a smaller drive and faster and leave the storage to a raid setup keeping the critical docs on the OS drive since its a single drive cuz of raid messup.

I was told that leaving the 320 alone cuz for an OS drive its plenty of room and is Sata 2 fast enough.

It boils down tot his, people shouldn't raid their OS drive incase they need to boot up a live cd to fix os problems cuz usually raid setups requite a floppy disk or 3rd party driver to be loaded to show a raid0 setup intact.

This topic has so many opinions cuz of speed or reliability.

I want both speed and reliabillity and i think alot of people claim that a Raptor series drive should be the first drive as the bootup drive cuz of speed but others like to raid also.
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