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Most everyone already know how I feel about them, but in case you missed the attack they made at me due to a *cough*Inquirer*cough* remark I made on 3DGPU (see bottom of this post), here ya go:

In any case, this new series of event doesn't surprise me in the least. I've posted up on my site some more details, but it's not the first time Inquirer has attacked us. Poor Mike gets so defensive, it leaves no doubt that what they do is posting up crap in hopes of drawing attention. Unfortunately, it works. A lot of people are suckered into it, and then people defend them with that "oh they are on the cutting edge, they're bound to be wrong" crap. Bull****, they like to brag how they are true "journalists" yet true journalists always follow through with their stories and only posts the facts that they've come across. The Inquirer are the complete opposite, and post whatever gets them the most attention. Is that so wrong? You be the judge, but for me, it warrants me never linking to them, and I've never linked to them or even acknowledged them before they even attacked me or my site.

I'm just waiting to see if Mr. Magee has one of his pet "journalists" write a stupid article again calling NVNews and 3DChipsets Communists or something similiar.
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