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Default Re: WoW: Moments of Pwn

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
Yeah it is, just round the 60's is about where everybody starts getting their killer spells n sh*t. It's also about the time that I get cyclone, which I hear people complain a lot about.

Also I think the druid that chased your hunter wasn't very competent tr1ck. I realized today that never have any difficulty at all when trying to close the distance between myself and hunters and shamans that run. Reason why is because in cat form I have dash, plus the existing 30% cat form speed, so like +80% run speed (depending on how they stack, but its definitely much higher than 40%.) If I don't quite catch him by the time dash runs out to get a shot off to daze him, I just root him. Shaman even better, I just sleep him as he counts as beast in that form; plenty of time for me to set him up for a nice pounding.

Also grasp of thorns will nerf the pet without me having to lift a finger. This only requires a single talent point to get, and it can be cast from bear and cat form sans the need to shift. If you spam it there's only like a 15 second window that you'll be missing it.

The worst thing a hunter can do to me, is use the ice/cold traps IMO. And they do work well btw, as I can't break them with shifting and it gives them time to pull off e.g. an aimed shot, which I have had a hunter do to me once. Best I can do to counter it is shift to bear and barkskin while trapped for damage control. Poisons are generally useless against a competent druid as well though, and that includes blind.

Also I've had a battle with a warlock where I used fear to my advantage. Since I run fast in cat form, it gave me plenty of distance to heal, leave combat, stealth, and drop another pounce, as the pet couldn't catch up. Meanwhile my own dots were doing their magic against somebody who can't heal themself as effectively as I can. I totally trashed that particular warlock.
Dash doesn't stack with Feline Swiftness.

I never claimed that druid to be very competent either. Obviously he was rather dumb to follow directly behind me to catch the traps twice in a row lol!

Alpha, I'm not doubting your ability, but your talking to someone who has a 70 druid and has been feral for about 3 years. You are undoubtedly strong now, but at the 70 bracket, ferals fall way off in PvP ability. You will still have a decent shot against hunters at 70, but a 60+ warlock will pose the biggest threat. I'd HIGHLY advise collecting caster gear once you reach the outlands and go balance or resto for pvp.
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