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The "journalists" (yeah right) at the Inquirer are sad. The amount of bashing they do on 3dGPU is sad. Why don't they get a life and do some real work for a change and help out the community instead of degrading it?

MikeC and Matt, you guys should have hit them where it hurts, in their credibility. The Inquirer "journalists" are bloody liers and hold good websites like NvNews and 3dGPU in contempt because they can't get enough attention for themselves.

What good is it to go soft on a site with such a disgusting and disturbing demeanour?
The Inquirer are frauds, liers and scumbags. I would love to see them go down.

BTW: WTF is it the Inquirers business even if you were a communist (not implying you are). It is none of their business about your personal life. Tell the dumb f***s off. We need internet police to clean up such trashy comments and news from the Inquirer.
"Never before has any voice dared to utter the words of that tongue in Imladris, Mr. Anderson" - Elrond LOTR

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