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Default Re: WoW: Moments of Pwn

I kinda feel sorry for some ally warriors I have run into. I ran into this level 51 guy once (I was 44 at the time) while passing through badlands in druid travel form after having just finished a quest, he was there mounted and noticed me pass and decided to run after me.

I accidentally ran myself into a corner, and just before he dismounted I shifted to cat, dropped rake then claw on him just as I ran through him, ran about 20 yards away, shifted to caster and dropped moonfire and then thorns on him, shifted to travel form and got yet more distance off before he disappeared from my sight entirely, then I mounted up.

Just as I finished mounting up to take off, he shows up behind me, with about 20%-25% of his health gone after my dots had done their work. Meanwhile, I hadn't taken a scratch. After I got back to town, it left me wondering if I could have just killed him by kiting him like that. Maybe not, but a triumph all the same IMO; the prey got away to fight another day. And it was pretty funny watching this big bully stuck there in thorns for that half second before I split
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