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Default Re: WoW: Moments of Pwn

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
PVE is awesome for druids, and probably a bit overpowered here. I've lost count of how many times I've saved my instance party from a total wipe by using either tranquility followed by innervate on the healer, or a combat res which only druids can do. Then I have an AOE that is formidable even as melee spec, along with some of the best buffs in the game (mark of wild, leader of the pack, and soon omen of clarity.) Hell 2 days ago I ran ZF in tanaris as both main tank AND main healer, party of all 42-44ish, with a non healer spec shaman helping out here and there while focusing mostly on DPS; best of all is we never wiped even once.
I think you will find that once you hit OL you will then need to decide which path you are going to take in a guild who runs high end instances.
Healer, or tank.
I have found OL instances at lvl 70 raids to be so very different from pre 60 instances.
You can get away with very little organisation pre 60, I feel.
Especially with you big instances like ZF or the SM's.....Im not sure I have ever been in a ZF wipe.
As long as you have a healer, a tank and good dps.....your set!

But I have certainly found that now everyone has thier place and thier role and if one person decides to try something a little "different" or is not concentrating....everyone suffers and more than likely wipes.
People also seem to have a lot less patience for anyone who isnt 100% committed and instances are raids are taken very seriously.

For these reasons, I prefer PVP.
I have been in way too many pugs where people get nasty at other members in the group because something isnt going right rather than being patient.
I prefer to have fun when I play, and BG's and arenas are where I choose to find my fun

As for best buffs, I would say pallys have the best buffs for me.
BoK and Bom FTW!
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