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Default Re: WoW: Moments of Pwn

Originally Posted by Dvahlish
But pretty much, I make up my own mind through trial and error most of the time.
I have respecced about 8 times now, I have used daggers, swords and currently combat maces....infact I have even just dropped Leatherworking and started blacksmithing from scratch so that I can make myself the most powerful mace in the game, the dragonstrike.
It requires master hammersmith and will mostlikely take me 5 months to complete because of the complexity of the mats I need....but still, Ill do it
You are playing rogue I am guessing? I've never paid much attention to weapons as feral druid. All I care about is what stats it gives as well as the "equip:" bonus just so long as it isn't a proc as the DPS is meaningless.

My current weapon is this. That, combined with high agi gear, leader of the pack buff, and some talents, I have a 25% crit rate, been that way since level 42 or so.

You know what I've found, is rogue and feral druid make an outstanding gank pair. There is an undead rogue in my guild who I have quested in STV with a few times. I keep track humanoid active, and the instant an ally pops up on my radar, their fate is sealed.

I point to him on the map, stealth up, and the rogue knows what is going on without me having to say anything. If there are two of them, she saps one, I open up on the other one with pounce and start using FFF and shred, followed by bleeds and the rogue uses his poisons. If we want to, we can keep both of them stunlocked throughout the entire battle while we burst damage them to death. We've killed groups of two ally players like 3-5 levels above us with no trouble at all, and most of the time they probably don't even realize what is going on until they are nearly dead. Failing the stunlock, I double as a healer so there isn't much they can do to keep his health down if they focus on him. If they focus on me, I just bear tank while he rips them apart.

Track is especially awesome in STV because the hills make it impossible for them to see us before we hit stealth even if they happen to be looking in our direction, but sure enough we know where they are. At best, if they have a hunter, they'll only see one of us on track as he is either going to be tracking humanoid or tracking beast. They never know what is about to hit em.
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