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Default Re: WoW: Moments of Pwn

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
I have been grinding both cooking and fishing, and have both of them pretty much as high as I can reasonably get for my level.

And yeah I mostly aim for str and agi, with sta and int third. I have extremely bad luck finding gear though. People with some kind of mods that shows them my gear often tell me how much my gear sucks :P

I only recently acquired a few decent items, but nothing to write home about.
PVP Gear
Seriously, if you like BG's and dont mind spending the honour points, PVP gear is awesome.
My rogue is almost 68 now and she is still wearing her lvl 60 PVP gear, and she will be until she hits 70 and gets her new PVP gear, Im currently working on the honour points needed as the bonecracker mace alone is going to be expensive.

Other players dont need mods to look at your gear, thay can more than likely tell by just doing an inspect on you.
If you have been playing awhile, experience lets you know what a class needs to be considered "well geared"

I inspect other players gear all the time, especially other rogues....I also like to be nosey and see what talent builds they have.

I found after getting to OL, gear has become very very important.
But luckily, the green drops out there, are better than most of the blue drops pre 60.
My rogue is called Shawonda on frostmourne.
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