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OK, well I think after a brief foray to Beyond3D we can forget the 'ATi is still cheating' idea right now. As for nVidia's results, well some (if not most) of them are probably incorrectly being labelled as cheats too. I really wish Digit Life would actually research into what they are doing before they do it.

From Kristof at Beyond3D:

While the ref rast is indeed "the reference", making direct per pixel comparisons with it can be quite tricky and even potentially incorrect. One issue :

RefRast will do all maths at 32bits IEEE... R9800 is 24bits... so there are bound to be differences. There are a lot of other small tidbits that can go wrong or cause differences... there are lots of other accuracy issues that can show, texture interpolators, iterators, filtering accuracy...

So its not a trivial step to compare with ref rast and claim cheating if there are some difference present. Judging if ATI and or NVIDIA are within the margin of error can really only be answered by comparing the hardware spec and the ref rast spec and only ATI can do that.
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