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Default Re: Dreamshots of Crysis... w00t!

Originally Posted by Bman212121
The Vegitation in that game still doesn't do much for me. Coupled with the overdone blur / HDR some of those just don't look very appealing.

The ones that I did like are the Roadside, Calm Sunset, and Mountainside. Roadside would be really sweet if you were playing a racing game, other than they need to get rid of the aliasing on the road sign. To me it looks a lot more natural than some of the other pics.
Youre pathetic, the vegetation in Crysis is by far the best i've ever seen in a game so far. No other game is even close, well exept for oblivion, its a damn exception. You got serious issues if you disagree on that. Tell me any other game that does it better. The HDR is standard in many of the pictures and you still complain. Several of the pictures have custom TOD settings witch do change the HDR from standard yes and the HDR may be experianced as "overdone" However some (like myself) like it so, its all a matter of taste.

The roadside picture is NOT downsized in any way, therefor there is some aliasing yes. However i removed pretty much aliasing in that picture already and the roadsigns aswell. That youre complaining about the roadsigns have aliasing is just silly, its almost not noticable.
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