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Default New'ish to linux and wanting to learn more

Hello my fellow nvnews-folk!

I'm working on some research at Uni and practically all of it will be done on linux, so I decided to install the distro the lab is using (Fedora 8) on my laptop (specs in sig - dual-booting with Vista home Premium).

Installation went without a problem and I am currently typing from a fresh install. Wireless seems to be working fine and it's nice and speedy. I haven't installed any additional drivers yet, so I'm guessing that's my next step.

I plan on getting accustomed to Linux so I want to use it as much as possible, henceforth, would you kind people, being uber linux users and all that jazz, be so kind as to recommend software I should download?
Things I need:
-Mp3 player
-divx/video player (VLC, right?)
-Chat (AIM and MSN Messenger)

I also have some additional questions I'd appreciate some help with:
- How can I add a wireless networks icon to my system bar?
- What other drivers besides GPU should I take into account?

erm... that's actually about it for now.

Any tips and tricks are gratefully appreciated.
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