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Default Re: WoW: Moments of Pwn

this thread has been hijacked, I mean really.

The tier 5 set you linked is not an easy to get per say. You need to be in an accomplished raiding guild that can clear SSC/TK. TO get the gear to be even thought of to go in there you need to farm kara and heroics to get badge/t4 set first. And while you are at that, you have to hone down to a straight tank/straight dps, or feral dps/tank (what I have more or less) if you want a feral set. Feral healing hybrids in end game don't exist really. is my cat gear and we are working our way through ssc and tk. I don't have any t5 gear because it is kinda meh to me and my boomkin is more useful in TK at times.

on topic:

in arenas or BG's any time I get to blast an opponent to oblivion with moonfire and wrath is always a hoot because I know how annoying it is to get spamfired to death.
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