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Default Re: WoW: Moments of Pwn

I wish I had some good moments to add, but honestly I end up being the pwnt more than the other way around.

I lack a full set of PvP gear to do anything worth while against a lot of players as a feral druid, but I can certainly piss them off in my tank gear. One of that last times I brought bobo to WSG it was fun watching them try to kill me in bear as I sat there taking the beating in tank gear. Of course one the healer goes down there is nothing I can do on a 5v1.

I have issues with hunters and some casters on my moonkin when I was leveling when I decided to world PvP, but geared, things have gotten better. It takes a lot of gear to make a moonkin work, but they are fun when you start getting it. Hybernating fellow druids that are in feral form, cycloning fellow druids, and of course the battle of the trees when me and an alliance druid lock eyes and the moonfire starts the spam
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