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Originally posted by surfhurleydude
I love ATi fanboys and their selective quoting....

You left off the:

"There is a large disparity in performance with Antidetect in use, and an the mipmap transition do appear to be more like Trilinear, however we don't know what other things AntiDetect disables here (however, there were no other visual rendering errors, quite the opposite!)"


I seriously doubt just adding Trilinear filtering will cut the performance by such an extremely large margin.

I mean crap, think logically, the game has a damn nVidia logo when you first start the you not think it's optimized for nVidia or anything?

So this proves what? Nothing, fact is performance drops by a fairly large margin in one of the tests using the script whereas it doesn't for ATi. Could be both companies are cheating and one hasn't been caught or nVidia is just up to its usual tricks. Fact is you can use trilinear using the ATi cards in UT2k3 if you set it to application preference, you cannot do it fully with the FX line. Wait till they build custom maps with textures as suggested by that Epic guy, then we'll learn more about what's up. As for the nVidia logo, that means nothing, it's just marketing.

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