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Default Re: New'ish to linux and wanting to learn more

Originally Posted by bacon12
VLC is great but I prefer mplayer or kaffene. Depending on your dt, I would use kopete for KDE, and pidigin for gnome.

Amarok is a bit heavy, but if your specs are good you won't have any issues.

Just a thought Fedora is not a really great distro to learn for beginners, and I would suggest something easier at first.

Mandravia, or fork PCLinux have a really nice gui control center, and make packaging a lot easier. Any of the ubuntus are easy to use as well.
Debian Etch also - I had very little trouble with it as a novice myself, but everything one needs to dig deeper is there.

I haven't used FC since FC2, it was the last that didn't give me heartburn trying to do something simple like make the mouse work
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