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Default Re: Crysis patch SUCKS!

Originally Posted by Dual Core Joe
I want to PHUKING SCREAM! I installed Crysis on my Vista Ultimate 64 drive. Then I installed the patch. The game wont play. Black screen, game non responsive. So I UNinstall it and try to RE install without the patch. 2/3 through the RE install I get this phuking ERROR 1335 file cabinet file CORRUPT! Program WONT reinstall.

So, I go out and BUY another phuking Crysis game. I install it and add the patch and BLACK screen again! I UNinstall it and try REinstalling it and I get a PHUKING ERROR 1335 Cabinet file corrupt game wont install!


100.00$ and NO PHUKING GAME!

Sounds like a back up of sensitive files (pictures of wife, girfriend, boyfriend children, dog, vacations etc) formating and reisntalling of Vista64 is required here.
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