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Default Re: New'ish to linux and wanting to learn more

Thank you all for the replies.
I forgot to mention I did the installation for the computers at the labs so I've dealt with the nvidia drivers. Also, this is not my first time with linux. I mounted a webserver on Fedora 6 back in the day and I used Ubuntu here and there for some school assignments over the past 6 months. Mostly light usage, nothing really complicated.

By other drivers I was thinking more along the lines of audio drivers mainly. Aldo I seem to have audio, I want to make sure all is working properly (being on-board sound and all).

So, to sum it up:
-MP3's: Amarok
-vids: VLC
-chatting: Pidgin

New questions:
  1. -What are some useful shortcuts/commands to know?
  2. - Gnome or KDE? I think I've heard KDE is better, but I've only used Gnome in the past.
  3. - What are your opinions on Beryl? I've seen vids and it looks awesome.
  4. - Could I run any .exe with Wine? I'm interested in Adobe Flash and 3DS Max for my design clases.
  5. - Where can I configure standby/shutdown options? I want to be able to standby by pressing the power button. (On a side note: Hibernating takes AGES)
  6. - EDIT: Burning software!

Once again, thank's for all the input. Much appreciated.
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