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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

Originally Posted by vampireuk
Some of them have been pretty decent that I've been involved in, my favourite are the all cloth/leather groups where we have myself tanking, a priest a rogue or hunter and two casters, that way I get the decent plate and warrior drops to myself.

I've got a advantage going into groups now since I've fully specced into protection and have picked up some decent tanking gear since tanks are a rarity these days.
I have been in some awful pugs.
I like to have fun when Im doing instances and I have had some ppl that havent said a word the whole way through, or have just had an awful attitude and then /ragequit when things dont go thier way.

And god I have seen some tanks with the most arrogant attitudes ever.

For these reasons I willbarely ever do a high level instance with a pug these days.
Im not big on instances and raids anyway.....Im a rogue and I prefer my PVP.
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