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Default Re: New'ish to linux and wanting to learn more


New questions:
  1. -What are some useful shortcuts/commands to know?
    Learn apt, grep, how to load/unload modules and compile your own test kernel for starters.
  2. - Gnome or KDE? I think I've heard KDE is better, but I've only used Gnome in the past.
    I love Gnome. Powerful and feature rich and stable. I have yet to use any version of KDE that hasn't crashed on me.
  3. - What are your opinions on Beryl? I've seen vids and it looks awesome.
    Compiz-Fusion, It rocks.
  4. - Could I run any .exe with Wine? I'm interested in Adobe Flash and 3DS Max for my design clases.
    I believe wine handles Adobe products pretty well, all I've used is photoshop elements though. Wine is also a work in progress. Not every .exe will work, or work in a stable manner.
  5. - Where can I configure standby/shutdown options? I want to be able to standby by pressing the power button. (On a side note: Hibernating takes AGES)
    Never did this, but if you open your home folder and view hidden files, I think the configs are in there.
  6. - EDIT: Burning software!
    K3b worked great for me under KDE, I use nautilus for basics in gnome.

Once again, thank's for all the input. Much appreciated.
Just my humble 2c.
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