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Default Re: New'ish to linux and wanting to learn more

1. -What are some useful shortcuts/commands to know?

Learn your shell commands. There are plenty of sites to help, here is one I love. Bruno is the man!

2. - Gnome or KDE? I think I've heard KDE is better, but I've only used Gnome in the past.

I prefer KDE, some love gnome. kde ftw! p

3. - What are your opinions on Beryl? I've seen vids and it looks awesome.

I only played with it when it was still beta, after the fork, and tried it again after they reunited under the new name, compiz-fusion. Still too buggy, and wasn't productive, just pretty. Meh.

4. - Could I run any .exe with Wine? I'm interested in Adobe Flash and 3DS Max for my design clases.

Probablly not any exe, not sure about flash or 3DS. Search here.

5. - Where can I configure standby/shutdown options? I want to be able to standby by pressing the power button. (On a side note: Hibernating takes AGES)

dunno? Standby can be a pain in the arse.

6. - EDIT: Burning software

Only one for me K3b. I have used the xfce burner xfburn.
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