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Default ALSA 0.9.5 is out with better support for Soundstorm...

I've used the ALSA CVS for a while now and 0.9.5 is out now. 0.9.4 didn't properly work with SPDIF passthrough or digital out, but it looks like 0.9.5 does!

I've gotten digital out and analog out to work (but not in parallel ... ). I've got the oss emulator running via digital out too and so far it's sweet!

I generally prefer ALSA to OSS for the plain and simple reason that it's much more configurable.

I'll be happy to share any info on the asounrc, mplayer settings and modules.conf settings if anyone is interested.

What I really want to know, is how to set up soft mixing in ALSA for multiple streams. That would be sweet.
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