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Default Re: Samsung sued for first gen Blu-Ray players

Originally Posted by Q
I honestly believe that the only three "advantages" that Blu-Ray has are:

1. Studio support. To some extent from the very beginning of this mess.
2. Higher storage capacity per layer.
3. The PS3

Evilchris and Superklye have already done a great job of addressing the technical advantages for HD DVD, so I'll save the repetition.

I assume you don't have an "out of spec" player, though.
What technical advantages? Spam mail because OMG EVARY PLAYAR HAS AN EITHERNAT PURT 4 TEH WEBSITEZ N STUFZ!

Blu-Ray has PIP and whatnot now... so HD-DVD has useless web "enhancements"... and besides... I was just messing with ya Q... you know you and me is tight like dat mang.
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