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Default Re: How do I make Crysis run better when fighting lots of koreans?

Murder all the koreans before you rescue the girl. That's how I keep the action to a minimum and fps to a maximum. I've played through that mission about half a dozen times now and I've found it easiest to slowly and methodically approach from the left and follow along through the shallow water just off shore and clear them out along the left side of the base.

Then I eventually work my way all the way around to that large flat grassy plateau near the road that leads to the tunnel in the mountain. Then I just creep through the base through those little huts and then eventually work my way into the buildings clearing them out as quietly as possible. At that point about half the forces have been removed and at that point, I make my way into the school building, clear it out without rescuing the girl and then sit on the roof and snipe guys. It basically turns into fish in a barrel until they start flanking and tossing grenades up at you. At that point, I usually fall back into the stair well and take them out as they come up the stairs.

At this point, the base is pretty much empty possibly with the exception of a few left overs around the gas station. I usually initiate the tank scene at this point and lob grenades down a the one that comes directly up next to the school to blow it up and then if I'm out of rockets (which I typically am), the huts off next to the shore typically stock plenty of nade launchers to take out the 2nd tank by the gas station.

All of this transpires at a smooth 25~30 fps.

It's the subsequent jungle firefights along the river where you basically have to rambo through a couple of mobs of koreans (unless you sneak by down through the gully in the river) where the frames start to drop.
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