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Default Re: Samsung sued for first gen Blu-Ray players

BD+ (the protection that these movies are breaking on was finalized in June 2007). The Samsung player was released in March 2007. So the protection on some movies fails in these players because (well no ****) they didn't have a final spec on the BD+ protection scheme. If BD+ was going to be such a huge deal for Blu-Ray why didn't they have it finalized BEFORE 3rd party set-tops were released?

Sony pulled this stunt in 2007 as well; releasing some DVDs w/ARccOS protection that failed on several players, but instead of forcing manufacturers to update their firmware, Sony pulled the protected DVDs off the shelves.

Should consumer devices have been marked as being "Draft" specs? Maybe, but I can tell you that "Sony" would not have wanted 3rd party manufacturers doing it, oh and Sony "didn't" do it on the PS3 (which required an update for the discs to work). This is Sony's/Blu-Ray Assoc. faux pas with their licensing and spec.
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