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Jesus, did some of you people even *read* the Digit-Life article? There is multiple evidence that nvidia is cheating in 3dmark03 with 44.65. There is zero evidence provided that ATI is still cheating.

Remember how we used to look at screenshots of 3dmark03 GT4 and compare ATI shots, and nvidia shots? Remember how nvidia shots always had the water and tree leaves in different places? Remember how with newer drivers the leaf positions changed again? I thought it was made abundantly clear by the time Unwinder exposed the 3dmark2001 cheats that the difference in IQ was caused by the drivers monkeying around with the shader programs. You can see that 44.03(shader optimizations disabled in 330 patch) and 44.65(new shader optimizations?) show differences in screenshots stock, without any anti-detection patch being used. Meanwhile, ATI drivers render the same image, and we already have benchmarks with the anti-detection script that show that 3dmark03 is cheat free with ATI drivers. Give it a rest already people.