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Default Re: Samsung sued for first gen Blu-Ray players

Originally Posted by S.I.N
So how does it make sense to sue a company because you choose to be an early adopter? Its not like these players will stop playing Blu-Ray disks. There just pist off early adopters. When I bought my AM2 5600+ it was rated at 89watts, its now 65watts. Hey let me sue. Just be thankful its not a monumental flaw like the XBox 360. That is something you sue over.
another poor analogy.

its not a matter of feature set, it's a matter of support. all players should support all discs, or at least provide a path to support them. a new TDP does not make previous versions of the processor obsolete.

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt
Being stuck with horrible lossy audio only isn't all of the features IMHO.
you dont understand either. at least the 360 add-on can play all the discs.

here's a breakdown of generations and capabilities.

if a disc is written for a certain revision, and has requirements that your player isnt capable of meeting, your SOL. that's bull**** and grounds for a lawsuit.

idk why the sony camp cant understand this...
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