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Default Re: Druids: the end game

Originally Posted by OldOfEvil
This is really all there is to say about Druids.
ROFL so true

I haven't gotten mangle yet though. I postponed it in favor of getting furor and nature's grasp first. Which BTW, both of which make it EASY to trash a rogue even if he gets the drop on you and starts with several of out of the ordinary buffs (pots, scrolls, what have you.)

Rogue thinks he's all clever with all of his little stuns blinds and saps, but once that grasp of thorns procs (and it will quickly do so due to how often his melee attacks must be) he gets a taste of his own medicine, followed by a royal pummeling which he is helpless to stop for a full 20 seconds.

Works great on warriors too. Specially when they try to charge you right after it ends, only for you to insta-shift to bear and charge them instead.

Also I had my first feral druid vs feral druid battle in world pvp yesterday. Man did that take a long time. I thought killing a pally took a long time, but this was like a 3 minute battle. The other druid actually started the battle, and I had no mana. I won anyways and later found her and just waved to her. She waved back and apologized. If she had been some class other than a druid I would have just killed her again I respect all druids
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