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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

Originally Posted by vampireuk
The worst I was on involved a paladin healing who couldn't keep up with the heals and dps that simply couldn't dps. I think it was in the ramparts and after wiping three times on that damn dragon I left that group.
Yeh..These days if I get a bad pug group...I just leave.
I cant be bothered with the messing about and the repairs.

AS I said, Im not big on instances anyway...Im mainly pvp, so when I do an instance, I like to get stuff fast and then get out.
Minimum hassle, maximum result.

IUm in a pretty casual guild that was made from a group of our real life friends, but we are growing in size now and more and more 70's are arriving, so we normally have enough when doing Ramps, SP, UB etc......

Heroics and raids will be a different story.
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