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Originally posted by extreme_dB
So whether they're right or not, they can bash a company even if they didn't manage to prove that it did anything wrong?

That article is totally biased towards Nvidia because they not only put both companies on equal footing with regards to cheating in 3dmark, but they say ATI goes further by lying about its promises!

In addition, the degree of cheating is very significant. A cheat is not just a cheat. To illustrate, a product that falsely claims double the performance would be a much bigger ripoff than a product that claims a 1% increase. That's just an extreme example, not representing Nvidia and ATI.

the same was said with the 3dmark2001 article .
even when it was the Programmer ->UNwinder itself the one ,who wote the article. that it was "BIased". when both companies were accused in that review. is that some people will never accept that their favorite company cant do never anything diferent that ethical in their drivers.
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