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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

I use both Utx-Usa and Gex Usa-Canada. They coexist well together, even enhance one another imo.

Gex is just a straight up ground texture replacement, it includes no landclass. Imo the textures look much better than default. Especialy the new enhanced textures which were just released this week. Every texture was tweaked and a new 1.7gb version is up for DL.

UTX includes landclass for urban population centers. It also includes coastlines, roads, railroads/yards, water bodies, rivers, streams, cemetaries, 3d bridges, beaches, glaciers, industrial centers, etc, which are all derived from the best currently available real world data. It also includes night lighting for street lights, and intersections. It features much more ai ground traffic than default because it even fills the smaller roads with traffic. It has a nice interface so you can easily configure what options to use or not.

UTX doesn't include landclass for rural areas. For that you can use the default fsx landclass, or you can layer in whatever landclass you prefer between UTX's urban and vegetation layers.

More utx/gex info in this thread.

I have FSGenesis Usa landclass layered in, mostly because it came free with their mesh package. For the rest of the world I have purchased X-Class landclass which I think is a nice product and I like the price. I might buy Xclass-Usa landclass just to check it out.

One thing that's cool, Justin from FSGenesis has figured out how to get rid of the airport platau's seen when using higher than default res mesh. He is recompiling all his mesh as we speak. As soon as it's all done I'm gonna refly all the missions.

I personaly can't wait to get my hands on UTX Europe because most of Europe is very vague in FSX. Especialy the type of things corrected by UTX, like roads-coastlines-water bodies-bridges', etc. For instance Europe has some deep ravines that are traversed by very high bridges. UTX adds them, which has to improve the experience. Check out this thread. Look at some of the coastline pics, such as Greece. And some of the high bridges I mentioned.

As far as which one to get, I'd say both. But if you have to have just one, I think UTX does things I really like. When I fly over an area I like to see the geographic shape of the coastlines, rivers, and other features. I took the Acceleration F18 and flew the east coast from KMIA to KPHL, it took roughly 2 hours give or take. Imo it was nice to finaly get an idea of just how the land is laid out. Things like the Outer Banks and back bays look a bit different from the air. Seeing as how the fsx world is such a huge place, and some parts I may visit only once, I'd like everthing to be as geographicaly correct as possible. Especialy since I may never see those places in real life myself, much less from the air.
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