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Originally posted by Nv40
the same was said with the 3dmark2001 article .
even when it was the Programmer ->UNwinder itself the one ,who wote the article. that it was "BIased". when both companies were accused in that review. is that some people will never accept that their favorite company cant do never anything diferent that ethical in their drivers.
Just because they're both accused, that means the article is free of bias? Your point of view could be right, but I don't agree after taking into account what a lot of knowledgeble people had to say on the subject.

To say that ATI and Nvidia are equally guilty in what we currently know about them just washes away everything that Nvidia has done lately, as if the cheating issue is cancelled out. Is that fair representation, in light of the inconclusive evidence against ATI? Does that help to stop these companies from cheating?

FM themselves issued a statement detailing all of Nvidia's cheats before they were reclassified as "invalid optimizations" (meaning the same thing).

On a sidenote, it's very odd how Nvidia now has FM making a demo to promote their new product. It definitely fuels the theories of shady tactics going on behind the scenes.
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