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Default Re: Dreamshots of Crysis... w00t!

FastRedPonyCar@ Hehe thanks. Well I didnt change anything in that picture actually Sure as hell it looks nice, especially the water... Think the map is called "Rock" aint 100% sure.

Redeemed@ I understand what you say. Thing is, with a CRT it doesn't have to be bigger and bigger the higher resolution you go. If u want 1920x1200 then u have to buy a 24" widescreen LCD. Hell you can do 1920x1200 on a 17" CRT monitor it doesnt even have to be widescreen or big at all. Still in the game the pixels and the scene and all will be compressed to fit. And as u know, when stuff gets smaller they get more detailed, as long as the picture itself doesnt change in size, just the pixels somehow. Therefor u get lots of more details and antialiasing when u increase the res on a CRT.

About the pictures... Man i cant really tell witch map everyone is from, they are taken from several pics and i only took a few of them myself. But take a look over at and you will find them. Some of the custom maps used for these pics are:

Country path

But there are also many taken from the original crysis maps, the custom TOD (time of day) settings lure the eye pretty much aswell so the lighting is important. :P

MowTin@ No i am not a photographer, some ppl think so but i only took a few of all those i posted. But i have a good feeling for images and i got some skills in photoshop So the pictures i choose is chosen with care, not just any picture gets in my list

OH, and meanwhyle i am here posting, heres a new one never posted before, its very atmospheric:

Who is bigman....who is kevpla...riddles in the dark
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