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Default Re: Whats wrong with my pc?

Windows Vista Home Premium - OS
Memory Timings are CL5 i think, CL4 or 5 but im pretty sure its 5 ill have to double check later.

I use NZXT Apollo Case. with

Rear Exhaust Fan
Side Fan Intake Air
Front Fan Intake Air

Also my CPU Fan looks like its streaming half the time, like going slow you know when it looks like its going backwards? but it looks as if its going very slow, i messed with ntune recently and lowerd the cpu fan to 90% then it looks like it was moving perfectly in a circle, then i did 100% and it looked as if it was slowing down like streaming slowly round and round.

Is this an optical illusion?

Also i did do that core temp program recently and it said idle temps were about 50c max, so im guessing load temps must be 70c max?

Ok im running Core temp now, just finished playing UT3, all cores are at 50c right now, does this core temp program monitor temperatures btw? i could monitor whilst in-game ill have a look at the program now and report back.
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