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Default Case fan help

I thought i'd make a new thread to this i have a few questions.
Ok so iv'e connected all my case fans to the motherboard.

I go to the controll to set the fans to run at 50% each as 100% is just too much and not needed to be honest, ok i set them to 50% and omg

My fans are the most noisiest things ever they squeel, whys that? no matter how slower i put it its squeel squeel squeel, even at 20% the squeel is constant.

Also when i set the speed the side fan only slow down the front and back don't even though there all connected to the motherboard

I tried the Chassis2 Fan control and the Chassis fan control from the monitor temps on the nForce 680i

Any help appreciated to get my fans to a good non-noisy environment.

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