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Default Re: Netflix goes Blu-Ray Exclusive.

Originally Posted by Phuccinnutt
How about my Disk that you havent shipped to me...
Sorry guys I dont mean to spam, but when I havenot recieved the item I paid for and see that the person has been on the site, and has been ignoring
and or not sending out the item I paid for very quickly. Im getting kind of Pissed "j0j081" I have been patient but no9w I am not..
I just received your pm. I don't understand why you complained in here. The pm is stamped 11:21 PM my time, you posted this at 11:08 PM meaning you didn't try to contact me about the item first which is a little rude IMO. Yeah anyway, for those wondering the item was shipped about a week ago but it's to Canada so I have no idea how long it takes. I also informed Phuccinnutt before I sent it that I had been extremely sick and was unable to send it and another item I sold to someone else right away. He seemed to understand at the time...
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