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Default Re: mud!? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Originally Posted by ralinn
I see you didn't have the balls to call MUYA a 'noob'. Someone has some growing up to do... calling other people 'noobs' does not make you sound superior or more intelligent.

On topic - It's completely rational to think it's fake, because for one, it looks far to big, stupid and out of place.
Wasn't intending to call MUYA a noob either, hes a great guy. But you on the other hand, i had it with you, from several other times ago aswell.

Its rational to think its fake, because when u see something unbelieveable then you automatically think its not true until its proven. I give you that much. However the pic is real, and i will prove it soon. I am searching for were that guy who took the pic made the video showing this aswell. Besides making a texture like that is not impossible, far from. Btw, wtf u mean by "it looks stupid" ? you sound stupid when you say that. Bugg of willya?
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