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Default Re: mud!? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Originally Posted by Nanosuitguy
Wasn't intending to call MUYA a noob either, hes a great guy. But you on the other hand, i had it with you, from several other times ago aswell.

Its rational to think its fake, because when u see something unbelieveable then you automatically think its not true until its proven. I give you that much. However the pic is real, and i will prove it soon. I am searching for were that guy who took the pic made the video showing this aswell. Besides making a texture like that is not impossible, far from. Btw, wtf u mean by "it looks stupid" ? you sound stupid when you say that. Bugg of willya?
lol - do you act like this when people say anything negative about Crysis in real life? Grow up will ya and stop bloody whining, I've never said anything to piss you off. If you insist in being a little twerp then people will retaliate.

Bloody kids...

You also seem to think I give a damn if it's real or fake.
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