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Default Re: Whats wrong with my pc?

I just played crysis for half an hour and it crashed again but this time when it crashed.

Its DEFINATLY the CPU now, the graphics card stays active because the screen has SOURCE it can find a connection to the graphics card otherwise the bluelight would flash on my screen attempting to find a source like my old GT.

Also i think i need to reconsider placing my exhaust fan in again as the heat coming from the pc of just playing is like a heater! really hot so i need to cool that down more.

And i did a memory test, windows vista one and no problems found with that.

Ill buy a new heatsink and fan.

Thanks guys anyways but im 100% sure my cpu is overheating, as when i turned on my pc the heat for it was 70c after.

Didn't someone say at 71c it has an auto shut-off?

Thanks anyways
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