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Default Re: Samsung sued for first gen Blu-Ray players

Blu-Ray isn't a format, it's two right now and soon to be three.
These rediculous versions.. 1.0 , 1.1 and 2.0 are outright pathetic.

I don't want a PS3, and no standalone that I can currently buy will be anygood for when 2.0 does come about.

How is that a "good" product? It's actually sh1t considering it's suppose to be the format of the future.

The BDA can shove their crappy various versions aswell as their over priced MPEG2 back catalogue rubbish, and I am not paying 500 for a standalone player that will most likely be deemed useless in under a years time.

I can't wait until all the saps who bought the 1.0 players because the zoik at the store convinced them how great Blu-Ray is to find they are lacking features, or even worse, the player can't play the disc/s at all.

That day isn't too far away, and I expect standard DVD sales to hit a new all time high just after.
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