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Default Re: Samsung sued for first gen Blu-Ray players

Originally Posted by Peoples-Agent
Can you not see how retarded this is though?

Very good way to alienate buyers.

It's suppose to be a "format". **a** meaning one of, format meaning one of.

You could dig out a DVD player from years ago that came out the week of it's very creation and it would still play any title available today.
"Except" for the ones that Sony released w/added protection (ArccOS). It is retarded, but to say it is the fault of Samsung is to not see who the real culprit is (BDA). The BDA are the ones who should be sued as they control everything Blu-Ray including who they wish to license their technology to and any terms surrounding those licenses.

If the BDA did not wish to cheese off customers they would've released terms that manufacturers of Blu-Ray devices must list the "version" and what discs it can play in their product documentation. Remember though all this happened during the format war, BDA didn't want a black-eye during this time as they worked for market-share so they allowed manuf. to release early hardware without noting that they did.
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