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Default Re: mud!? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Originally Posted by Nanosuitguy
Do i care? Youre still an asshole lol. Bugg off and if you have zero interests in my opinions then dont read my threads.
LOL, you're quite pathetic! It's a public forum, I can post where ever I want. You seem to think you own this forum just because you're the #1 Crysis fanboy. Also learn to read, I said I had no interest in your opinion of me. Just like MUYA, I thought it was fake. Wow, big deal, there was no need to throw a tantrum like a little girl just because someone has a difference of opinion. Chill the **** out.

Also, I was curious about what you said about me "pissing you off", so I had a look at some past posts as I knew I'd never insulted you directly at all. I was right too, you seemed to be offended by anything negative I had to say about Crysis. God knows why you took any of it personally.
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