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Default Re: WoW: The Juggernaut

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
Sure there is.
  1. They can do daily quests that Blizzard is raising the cap from 10 to 25 per day on.
  2. Go PvP if they mainly PvE or vice-versa.
  3. Farm mats for raid consumables.
  4. Roll an alt.

If they are bored beyond that or already have more than 3-4 level 70 toons (I do have 4, but have been playing since Dec 04), then they need to step away from the PC for a while.
that last bit there is the funny part. There is someone in my guild that I am good friends with that has 6 70's and 5 of them are t5 ready. She is also a stay at home mom so...
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