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Default Re: Best Buy to Recommend Blu-ray over HD DVD

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt
Actually by customers I assume they mean $$$... which with Blu-Ray outselling HD-DVD 2 to 1... who is to say they are wrong?
well.... Best Buy does.

Originally Posted by Article
Best Buy: Consumers baffled by HDTV

NEW YORK ( -- As Best Buy gears up for its important high-definition TV sales months, a new survey from the No. 1 electronics retailer reveals that almost 90 percent of Americans still don't understand HDTVs - and close to 50 percent underestimate the cost of buying one.

This is especially troubling for Best Buy (Charts, Fortune 500) as the retailer is banking on flat-panel HDTV purchases to fuel a big chunk of its fourth-quarter profit and sales.

The November-December period typically accounts for more than half of retailers' profits and sales. For Best Buy, the year-end holiday shopping period is estimated to account for nearly 70 percent of its annual profit.

What's more, the retailer also needs to reduce the high number of returns for flat-panel TVs that it was plagued with last year because of lack of awareness among its shoppers.

"We were getting a lot of anecdotal evidence that showed consumers were frustrated with their HDTV purchases," Mike Mohan, vice president of home theater merchandising at Best Buy, told Monday. "We felt that we had some gaps in key area of consumer education. That's why we decided to commission this study and really understand where the issues were."

The survey, which polled 1,012 consumers nationwide from Aug. 3 to Aug. 5, found that 89 percent of people said they lacked a complete understanding of HDTV technology.
most consumers dont even understand what high def is. they just say "hey look, it's blu-ray! remember those commercials? i dont know **** about it, but let's buy it, cause were uninformed consumers!". hell, i bet some of the retards even bought a BD player for their SDTV's.

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