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Default Re: WoW: The Juggernaut

Originally Posted by jeffmd
tr1ck, I belive that graph is false. I think.. lineage (and its sequil) have a larger user base then wow in the asian countries. Its pretty freaky really.
Possibly, I snatched it from
Lineage: The Blood Pledge (Accuracy Rating: A)
Since its release in September 1998, Lineage was been a gaming phenomenon in South Korea for years, and has since been exported to other markets with somewhat lesser success. Some press reports will say Lineage has over 4 million “subscribers”. Lineage actually has a variety of different pricing schemes, and many players access the game via Internet cybercafes rather than a more traditional monthly subscription. The numbers I have chosen to use are the “monthly access” numbers, which I feel are the most directly comparable to other monthly subscription MMOGs. After peaking at over 3 million unique monthly users in 2003, the game has waned noticeably, first due to competition from its successor, Lineage II, and then with the arrival of World of Warcraft. As of December 2007, Lineage had 1,056,177 unique monthly access subcribers, with only 6,414 subscribers in the United States.

Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle (Accuracy Rating: A)
The sequel to the highly successful Lineage, Lineage II launched first in South Korea on October 1, 2003 and then the United States on April 28, 2004. After reaching a peak of over 2.1 million monthly access subscribers worldwide in March 2005, the game has fallen sharply since the arrival of World of Warcraft. As of December 2007, Lineage II had 1,006,556 unique monthly access subscribers worldwide, with 79,986 of those in the US and Europe combined.
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