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Default Re: Good Compilation UI for WoW?

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
Magus, I'm on Azgalor Horde PvP server if you need some help or anything. I'm still leveling a new toon at the moment. It's been slow going as RL has been occupying me.

Also, don't ever use Cosmos.

Zelda, what's the mod you use instead of Xperl?

This is how my compilation looks on my work PC, the video card is only an ATI X550. I have it running at 800x600 to keep the frames up. On my home PC it looks a lot different due to having the 8800 and 22" widescreen.
Maybe I will join you... My server is full too often and my friends list is all offline lately.

BTW Guys, Thanks for the recommendations... think im gonna pick and choose which I like best.

I tried Bongos but like Bartender better.
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