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Default Re: Good Compilation UI for WoW?

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
Well im sorta liking the druid class. Gotta level the guy abit higher to see if I wana stick with it but its not bad at all. When do I get form shifting?

Characters name is Torlous, Cow Druid.
I'll escort you to the Blood Elf starting area if you have the expansion and when you hit level 6. I have a 70 orc shaman named Energeez, a 39 hunter Naenae, and a 29 druid Bullcephus. Energeez isn't on my main account, so I tend to use him most for dual-boxing and running instances to gear my toons.

Standard bear is 10
Aquatic form is 16
Cat form is 20
Travel form is 30
Dire bear is 40
Free flight form (must buy 150 riding skill first, aka epic land mount) is at 68

Moonkin and Tree Form are from 31 point talents in balance and resto trees.

You will want to only put points in feral while leveling though, all the way until you get mangle. Then, resto has great talents for feral druids. A 0/47/14 spec is the norm for ferals.

Cat form will be your bread and butter for a long time. Rogue that can heal.

This is how you want to spec up to level 21. It will make your cat form a lot more leveling friendly. You really will love the +30% speed while outdoors and the improved prowl.

This is the standard 0/47/14 feral build.
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