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Default Re: Bluray will not win the war.

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
While I agree prices will drop, with a greedy company like Sony overheading it all, prices will drop alot slower than DVD prices did. Sony is going to milk out as much profits possible.

I did not want BluRay to win, but it is what it is unfortunately.
this is one of the reasons i was not in support of BD. i dont trust Sony owning the rights on a market.

kudos to them though. this will drive PS3 sales. hell, maybe ill get one this summer. even if i dont buy any games, i can still install linux and play BD's lol.

will look good on my 42" Hitachi i just got.

Originally Posted by bacon12
I think there is another point no one has made. All content will be digital in the near future anyways, so it doesn't really matter.
yes, but i still like owning the media in a solid state.
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