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Well, I'm thinking my LXI's are getting ready to give up the ghost. They just aren't sounding as good as they used to, and are distorting even in the ranges they're designed to handle. They're great speakers, only pair I've ever heard that sounded better are my two tower Curtis Mathes. Those rock like you're front row at a concert if you're listening to music, and front row like you're in a theater if you're watching a movie. But I've modified those while my LXI's remain stock. Here's my LXI's... yes they're old, but they did the job and did it with excellence.

So... what I'm wanting is another set of tower speakers. I'm wanting the best "bang-for-buck" speakers. I'm not looking to spend $1600 just for two speakers. I could do $250, maybe $300 for the pair plus tax. What I'm needing to know is:

1.)What are some good places to purchase from on-line, like a "" but only for good quality speakers at a realistic price?

2.)And then some recommendations as to what speakers would do good for the price.

Size isn't an issue, as it they can't be too big. The two towers I already have stand about 4' tall and probably weigh a good 80lbs each, atleast.

Thanks ya'll.
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