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Default Re: Sins of a Solar Empire Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by methimpikehoses
bump. Anyone with a 3-day update? Bored yet? Still liking it?
I've played about 16 hours of it and I'm already bored with it. People say that it's a very deep 4X game but I don't see it. First of all there is no single player campaign, so it's really half a game for $44.95. Second, it's not nearly as in-depth as say MOO-MOO2 from 10+ years ago. There isn't much diplomacy, no espionage or ground combat (At least MOO/2 had a 2D screen where your forces battled it out) and the pirate idea is just stupid. They just spawn fleets and attack whatever player loses a bidding war. It's like watching an auction on eBay, you have to keep raising a bounty on the other player until the last possible second or the pirates attack. This happens about every 10 minutes or so. I also have a problem with the combat, where basically 2 fleets sit toe to toe and slug it out, no maneuvering, no z-axis. Nothing really moves except the fighters and bombers unless someone retreats, which the AI always does when it loses a capital ship. No damage is modeled on the ships and weapon effects stay the same even if you upgrade them.

I haven't tried online yet because it crashes every hour or so. Maybe it would be better, I don't know. I'm disappointed in the game, I expected more.

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